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  • A donation of 25


    A donation of 25 can help towards the cost of setting up a community arts studio like this one at Seahorses, Isle of Wight, where people with and without disabilities can find opportunities for creative self-expression.

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  • A donation of 50


    A donation of 50 can help towards equipping a craft workshop where people with disabilities can gain workplace experience and training opportunities to acquire important practical and creative skills. This kiln is in Lansdown Pottery, Stroud.

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  • A donation of 100


    A donation of 100 would help towards the cost of building a new house to provide a home, care and support for vulnerable people with disabilities, especially those who are becoming elderly and increasingly in need of extra care within their community.

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  • A donation of 250


    A donation of 250 would help towards the building of a new workshop such as this weavery in Ballybay Community, Co.Monaghan, which not only created space for creative craft activities but also freed up space for inviting local people to share in social and cultural events.

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