How we spend donations

The aim of Camphill Foundation is to use donations to enhance and enrich the lives of vulnerable people with learning disabilities. Click here to help us continue this much-needed support. Camphill communities in the UK and Ireland can submit requests to the Board of Trustees for financial assistance. The application form includes detailed information about the project concerned, its aims and objectives, financing and viability and a complete business plan is required for larger projects. 

Assistance is given to capital projects such as the building of new accommodation, developing new workshops and facilities, agricultural and horticultural activities, provision of new equipment and educational, training, cultural and social initiatives, anything that has a direct influence on improving vulnerable people's quality of life. Your help can make a real difference.

Support is sometimes in the form of ‘seed' funding of grants up to £20,000 to help projects get started.  Donations support much more than a single project because the Foundation more frequently provides loans, at a low rate of interest, and when the money is repaid it becomes available to help with another project, then another, and so on. Please click here to make a donation today.