How we make a difference to the individual

It's always the individual who benefits

People with  learning disabilities often find their way to Camphill after many years of feeling isolated, unhappy, frustrated and unfulfilled. They feel they do not have the right outlet for their social and practical abilities and their capacity to be a useful part of the community is not developed. Camphill projects supported by the Foundation are all examples of how an individual's life can be turned around to awaken a new experience of meaning, purpose and value.

Individuals speak for themselves

"It was my wish to live here, and since then I have not looked back."

"I really like it here because I get to do lots of different things and there is a really good mixture in the things I do. To see all the plants I planted growing is really great."

"We all get on really well together. I  love the people who work here.  They are really nice and friendly."

"I live independently, with some other people. We have been welcomed into the whole community around."

"Coming here has given balance back to my life, which is what I needed. It's fantastic - it's made a real difference.