Home Life

Life in a Loch Arthur Household

Our households are not just collections of individuals. We want each house to be a group of people who benefit from and enjoy living together. Everyone is involved in helping to create the atmosphere of the household, as well as in looking after the house itself.

We try to have quite a strong rhythm and order in our daily life, with regular mealtimes and the routine of housework.This is such an important expression of our shared life, but there is plenty of flexibility to allow us to be ourselves and to have our own habits and tastes.

Each household has someone, or a couple, who are responsible for the house, but they are not "staff" in the conventional sense. They may well have children so family life is woven into the pattern of community living. We do not have hours on and off duty: the house is home for all who live there. Some people will need help with personal care or to go shopping, and some may need regular emotional support in order to cope with daily life. We hope this help can be given and received in ways which respect the individual and which encourage mutual care and friendship. Each person will develop a network of relationships which, in their variety, help us all to feel both secure and stimulated. Through the year, we hope that everybody will be able to go away on holiday and to visit family and friends.

In our daily life, a strong Christian inspiration can be felt in our attempt to treat each other as equals and to devote our life together to a spiritual purpose. We want to make it very clear that it is not our aim to promote or impose Christianity, but to bring a spiritual dimension into daily life in ways which most people are able to appreciate even if they have no interest in religion.