Cultural Life

A Life of Many Colours

What happens in the evenings and at the weekends? On summer evenings you might find lots of us cleaning fruit and making jam, but there are a lot of other homegrown activities that take place as well - plays, singing, music, craft and educational groups.

Trying to be creative together helps us to make new friends and broaden our horizons.
People who come to see our performances are often amazed at what we can achieve, and so are we! The reason is not individual talent but the willingness to have a go and help each other to have the confidence to stand on the stage or pick up a paint brush.
It's not all frantic activity. Going to a film or for a walk with friends are just as much part of life together, and so is a quiet night at home. What we value is the variety. Some things involve many people and need a lot of organizing, and there you feel the excitement of doing something that brings us all together. Other things are more intimate or spontaneous and help us feel in touch with ourselves and our friends.
Even in the most light-hearted activities we believe our social and cultural life is expressing something very important - that each person is a unique individual, and that we all long for and need the challenge and stimulation of art, ideas, conversation and new experiences to help us grow into what we can each become. To allow this to happen, a Community needs to have an open, enquiring atmosphere. It should be, in the widest sense, a place where people are learning and developing. That's what we hope exists at Loch Arthur. That we can all feel recognized as individuals and experience the variety of opportunities for self-discovery is one of the great benefits of Community living