The Bakery

Started in 1985 to supply bread to our Community and suitable work to a number of our Community Members, our Bakery has remained as a humble but well-established work-place. Our range of artisan breads, cereals, and biscuits (listed below) is now sold mainly through our Farm Shop but can also be found in selected local outlets.
Our breads are baked fresh, daily and arrive in our Farm Shop between 11am and 12noon

Our Bakery Range:

• Wholemeal Bread - a good staple loaf
• Honeyseed Bread - a richer loaf with a lovely moist texture containing honey, sunflower, poppy, sesame and linseed
• Seed Bread - same seeds as above but contains no honey
• Country Sour - a yeasted sourdough with wholemeal rye and white flour
• White Bread - non yeasted white sour dough
• Non-yeasted mixed seed sour dough containing sunflower, poppy, sesame and linseed.
• Sunflower seed Bread - solid, slightly sweet loaf
• Sun Dried Tomato Bread
• Olive bread.
• Rye Bread with Caraway - mixed flours .
• Bread Rolls
• Granola - the finest toasted breakfast cereal in the land!!
• Muesli