The Creamery

As one of our earliest work ventures, we started making cheese at Loch Arthur in 1985 from the milk of our two Jersey and two Ayrshire cows.
From these humble beginnings our cheeses have become recognized and sought after and are now produced in our purpose built Creamery and sold throughout the UK.

As members of the Specialist Cheesemakers Association we are one of many small creameries representing the modern renaissance of artisan cheeses now being produced in Great Britain. Every year since 1991 our cheeses have received awards and accolades in some of the top cheese competitions in the UK.
All of our handmade, organic, farmhouse cheeses are produced from the raw milk of our own biodynamic farm and local organic farms, and are certified by the Biodynamic Agricultural Association (BDAA Organic Certification UK6). They are all produced using vegetarian rennet.
Our extensive range of cheeses and yoghurts are sold in our own Farm Shop and in fine cheese shops and delicatessens throughout the UK. We can also send cheeses by mail order.