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Peter Bateson 2018-02-12 16:55:52

Benefits of Camphill Communities

Camphill communities offer the individual a rich and healthy life, continuity and stability, inclusion and diversity, cost effective care and planning for the long term.

~ Camphill communities offer a healthy working, social and cultural life.

~ The committed Camphill approach provides continuity based on stable relationships between the individuals living and working in the community.

~ Camphill communities offer effective governance including the core principles of care, safety, responsiveness and true inclusion.

~ Economies of scale allow more support to be provided to more people with access to more services than they would receive as isolated individuals within the wider community.

~ The Camphill Movement has existed for over 75 years, growing, surviving  and adapting  through countless changes of approach and policy and despite financial presssures and short-term political demands.

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