Foundation reports to Camphill Association

Annual Assembly in Glencraig Community, near Belfast

Workers at Colinton Community Composting, a thriving social enterprise at Camphill Tiphereth, Edinburgh.


Camphill Foundation UK & Ireland has just given its report to the Annual Assembly of the Association of Camphill Communities in the UK & Ireland, which took place in Glencraig Community just outside Belfast. 

Looking back

Over the past 12 years the Foundation has assisted projects with loans amounting in total to £485,000, and smaller grants amounting to £325,000. This has enabled projects to succeed in the areas of new building, elder care, research, publishing, training, the arts, crafts, early years education, further education, adult education, befriending and outreach, agriculture, therapies and parents' support initiatives.

Promoting awareness

The Foundation wishes to encourage public awareness of the vital importance of meaningful work for the general well being of any person, with or without disabilities. This should include an openness to the Camphill model of residential working communities as an appropriate option for those who wish to choose it. They are part of the world, not separate from it, and engage with the wider community in their own way. Some are semi-urban and especially well-integrated.

Looking forward

Looking to the immediate future the Foundation anticipates giving its support to projects in the fields of social enterprise, new accommodation, craft workshops and day activities, elder care, social care research and renewable energy sources.