Master Class at Lansdown Pottery

Keynote event with Joe Finch helps to celebrate a good year

In the past year good sales have continued at Lansdown Pottery and classes have been full, despite the doom and gloom of recession and the euro!  In September the community groups (public sessions) will increase due to demand.  This will comprise 3 day groups (one of which is for sculpture) and continuing the two evening pottery sessions. These alone will bring in about 55-60 people a week to the workshop.

The soda kiln has been finished and two smaller kilns in the garden for smoke firing and a small test kiln for salt glazing.  They are experimenting with ash glazes and have a small grate for burning wood and finding out the differences between species.

A few weeks ago there was a very popular Master Class with Joe Finch, an internationally renowned potter, kiln builder and author, who demonstrated his way of working to over 20 people who came from as far as  Mid-Wales and Shropshire to see him.  They hope to repeat this kind of event again in the near future.