World Wide Weave gets under way

Craft skills of people in 16 countries come together to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Camphill Movement

Camphill Foundation's exciting new publicity and fundraising campaign is called "World-Wide Weave - Extraordinary Lives". Textile workshops in 16 countries will take part in the time leading up to Camphill's 75th anniversary on 1st June 2015. 
The title "Extraordinary Lives" reflects that it will be a celebration of the creative talents and skills of people in Camphill places. The craft of weaving is well established and happening in most of the 110 communities worldwide.  

W.W.W. will be the world's first ever global weave, to create an awe-inspiring set of 75 wall-hangings, each one contributed by a different community. The completed panels will then be displayed together to form a complete sequence depicting the manifold creative life of Camphill UK & Ireland communities and those in other regions.  

Communities will generate some local outreach in their own area, bringing the ‘Weave-In' to local people and engendering an interest both in the craft itself and also in the overall campaign.  

The finished work will be exhibited in various locations in the UK and Ireland and potentially beyond. Possible venues are a cathedral, fashion and textile museum, an art gallery, a Camphill community and the venues of corporate sponsors. The work could also be sold to a textile museum, art gallery or corporate organisation.  

Camphill is at the forefront of promoting the understanding that people with learning disabilities have truly extraordinary creative talents and skills of all kinds, practical, social and artistic.                                                                                                                                                  

Please contact us if you would like to get involved and for more information