World Wide Weave progressing well

Weavers worldwide working together

Camphill Foundation's new project "World Wide Weave - Extraordinary Lives" brings together adults, young people and children from 19 countries worldwide to celebrate their creative artistic skills in the craft of weaving, tapestry-making, felting and multi-media textile design, to coincide with the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Camphill Movement. Camphill Foundation has invited Camphill communities with textile workshops to create pieces of work especially for the exhibition. This will comprise 75 panels depicting each community's relationship to its physical and social environment. Photos and text will also appear alongside the panels, showing the weavers themselves and giving their own description of how they approached the task. An 80 page A5 colour brochure will accompany the exhibition, with photos of all the panels and weavers and the descriptive text, forming a complete and permanent record of the entire project. 

Residents and students of all ages with learning disabilities in Camphill communities all over the world are enthusiastically involved in the project, which gives it a truly inclusive, international and multicultural quality. The farthest west is Camphill California on Monterey Bay near San Francisco. The farthest east is the Peaceful Bamboo Family in the city of Hue, Vietnam. The farthest north is Vallersund Gård on the rugged seacoast of Norway, north of Trondheim. The farthest south is Camphill Farm at Hermanus on the coast near the southern tip of Africa.

Textile panels are being designed and created for the exhibition by 65 communities in England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Russia, Canada, USA, South Africa, India and Vietnam. What unites them in their diversity, across geographical and cultural boundaries, is their commitment to the Camphill ethos and the celebration of the unique flame of creativity that lives in every human being.

Discussions are currently underway with prominent galleries and exhibition venues in London,  Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Wales, Bristol, Exeter, Stroud, Milton Keynes, Oxford, Winchester,  Leeds, York, Belfast, Omagh, Londonderry, Dublin, Kilkenny and Cork. Groups of weavers will also be in attendance to support the exhibition in different venues, to enhance the visitors' experience through direct personal engagement. There will extensive publicity and press coverage and a series of articles will appear in textile-related magazines.

The overall artistic conception for the project is that of DIVERSITY IN UNITY. The project will depict how all the wonderfully varied and diverse characteristics of single communities come together in one great artistic panorama of Camphill. The general theme is "OUR COMMUNITY'S INTEGRATION WITH ITS PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT AND SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT"

Integral to the life of Camphill places are the community members with learning disabilities and extra support needs.  Within the overall holistic and integrated environment of a Camphill community they are able to lead not only good lives but EXTRAORDINARY LIVES. They are co-responsible for their communities and able to carry on regular, useful and satisfying work which gives them fulfilment and is of great value to others. They also have many gifts and talents, both artistic and social. Their special gifts in the craft realm, and in this case specifically weaving, will be channelled directly into the World Wide Weave for all to see and appreciate.