Cohousing at The Mount Community, Wadhurst, East Sussex

A new expansion and integration project for young adults


The Mount Community in Wadhurst, East Sussex, is developing a new form of 'Cohousing' in accordance with the Camphill community ethos, mission and vision. As a further education college, for many years The Mount received requests to provide extended opportunities for vulnerable adults to live and work in its very special supportive and inclusive community context. This new project will offer a choice of lifestyle which combines personalised support with equality and full participation in shared living and meaningful work.      

The Mount Camphill Community has been thriving since 1970 as a successful independent residential college for students with a range of learning difficulties. The whole team is committed, passionate and enthusiastic to build on the success of the Community by addressing identified needs for housing and support for adults. The Cohousing Community will provide a forward thinking and empowering environment for individuals by delivering a flexible, dynamic and modern approach to housing and community building with a clear separation of housing, care and support.  

The Mount Community celebrates the unfolding of each person's potential for growth in a setting which encourages learning together, care and respect for the environment and new social forms and activities.

From autumn 2017 two houses were given over to Cohousing and are fully occupied. With the help of the Camphill Foundation a large house in the High Street of the local town has been purchased and will be ready for occupation by summer 2018. This will enable a much-anticipated  expansion into the local surroundings, with increased opportunities for ongoing integration and independence.    

The adult social care component will be provided to support cohousers to live in a fully inclusive way, including excellent work opportunities in The Mount's long-standing craft, culinary and horticultural activities, and individuals will be able to help develop new social enterprises within this context. The aim is to develop such activities into sustainable social enterprises which reach out into the local Wadhurst community and beyond.

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