The Mental Health Seminar

Developing insights and strategies for mental health issues

Camphill Foundation UK & Ireland has given financial assistance to the faculty of the Mental Health Seminar to support its ongoing course development. The seminar was originally created by individuals working in Camphill, in response to challenges presented in the field of psychiatric disturbance and mental health, and has since broadened out to become a national endeavour open to all who seek further insight into mental health issues from the anthroposophical perspective (based on the work of Rudolf Steiner).

Advancing research

The seminar has been encouraged to develop not only for adult education but also for current research and understanding in the field of mental health from an anthroposophical perspective.

A varied approach

The programme for each module is underpinned by a mix of lecture material, artistic activity and small group work to facilitate the individual learning experience and personal development. Students are expected to maintain a portfolio and they are supported with regular supervision.

Hosted by Camphill

The collaboration with Camphill has been maintained through the make-up of the seminar faculty and through the fact that the seminar is hosted by a number of Camphill centres. This involves the logistics of accommodating and looking after the needs of up to forty people and providing activity spaces over a five day course. This commitment is considerable and greatly appreciated.


The current seminar has maintained its flexibility and openness to changing needs but has also taken steps to ensure that it can fulfil criteria for a recognised standard of continuing professional development validated by the Severn Institute GP School.


Regular preparatory meetings have been introduced before each module, which have enabled the faculty to develop and show certain standards of the educational process and demonstrate the teaching format of frontal lectures, plenums and digestion group work.


The course faculty is indebted to the Camphill Foundation UK & Ireland for its financial help.