Two Health Care Courses

Revitalising health care training

Health care and therapies

Camphill Foundation UK & Ireland gave a grant to help establish two health care training courses, which include therapies and care treatments based on anthroposophical (Rudolf Steiner) principles and include the development of a special ethos of care for the elderly. 

Anthroposophical Health Care

The two-year modular Anthroposophical Health Care course began in April 2006 with participants from Camphill communities and other organisations, including places in the USA and Norway. Course members included an art therapist, a practice nurse, an intensive care nurse, a dental hygienist and six other registered nurses.

Care in Camphill Communities

The other training course was one for those who work in care in Camphill communities, and the first one began at Simeon Care for the Elderly, Aberdeen, in summer 2007. This was a twelve-module course , seven of them covering conventional areas for SVQ/NVQ or equivalent qualifications and five specifically including anthroposophical health care and treatments.