Camphill California 2, Soquel, USA

Redwood tree

Local Native Americans, the Ohlone, believed the Redwood trees made the fog because the trees grow where there is summer fog.  The Santa Cruz Mountains were the first place the Spanish saw trees they called "Palo Colorado", red wood.  The year was 1769.

Now known as Coast Redwood or Sequoia sempervirens these majestically tall trees dot the countryside around Camphill Community California in the Santa Cruz Mountains. A grove of old growth trees is not far away.  Most of the hills were harvested in the late 1800s to help build California; wood was also shipped around the world. Stumps of the harvested trees sent up shoots that are now being  sustainably harvested as mature trees. 

The mild climate that allows Redwood trees to grow along 450 miles of California coast allows Camphill to grow a variety of fruits and vegetables.  The climate is suitable for commercial production of some 130 agricultural commodities, ranging from A for apples to Z for zucchini.