Camphill Ontario, Nottawasaga and Sophia Creek

Large size - suitable for use as bedcover or piano cover 

Over the last years, people in our weavery have been busy producing wonderful woollen scarves in all shades and colours. Wool represents warmth - like the warmth with which we surround each other in community.  We started to sort them first into those with stripes and those without, then warm and cold colours, and lastly light and dark shades. Looking at our scarves, we had each person choose a scarf which they wanted to incorporate into the overall composition.

When we started the process of interweaving the scarves, so many new combinations and relationships of colours appeared. We put the light scarves in the center, reflecting the light that comes from feeling secure and supported in the community.  On the outside we have the strong colours holding our art piece together, framing it, like the undercurrent of a community when friendships are strong. Working on the question of border, we first thought to put all the fringes of the scarves on the outside like a beautiful blanket. Working from the center out, we used the ends of the light scarves to cover the strong colours from the outside. There is something very special that happens when people work together: the joy, confidence and light that shines from everyone's eyes after a Christmas performance, when finishing a loom and showing the work to all the others in the studio, when unpacking the pottery kiln after firing, or when we bake cookies together, see the end result of a craft project, or pull out potatoes and garlic from under the earth. Moments where we shine, and what we do shines: these are golden moments  that happen between us, when we care, when we collaborate, create; when we can be who we are, and have friends who are interested, and kindle our fire, as well as we kindle theirs.    Any encounter we have with another person can be such a moment: a possibility for friendship and community.