Duffcarrig, Co. Wexford, Ireland

The courtyard is the social hub of the community, particularly in the summer. The Pottery, Weaving Workshop, Craft Workshop, Therapy Room and Music Room are all situated in the buildings encircling the courtyard. There are picnic benches on the lawn and if the weather allows it we have tea breaks together, joined by the land workers. These occasions are often used to practise songs for upcoming festivals.

  As Duffcarrig is a rural community on 60 acres of land it was important to include the farm and the garden into the tapestry. We allowed ourselves a bit of artistic freedom and invited some sheep into the courtyard. They are made with carded wool from our own sheep. The planted field, on the right above the courtyard symbolises our garden. We decided that this is a carrot field. The windows and doors on the courtyard buildings are made with pottery pieces which we usually use in the weaving workshop as clasps or buttons or just to embellish some work.   The weaving workshop is at present the only full time craft workshop in Duffcarrig. It is also the longest running, for almost the whole 42 years of Duffcarrig's existence.  Everybody helped in their own way, be it by providing ideas, carding wool, winding bobbins with different colours or making the tea on time. However the person who deserves a special mention is Madeline. She has been working in this workshop since the beginning. Although her manual dexterity is not what it used to be she is still full of ideas and enthusiasm and helps as much as she possibly can. The red boat bobbing on the waves was her very personal addition to the tapestry.   We hope this tapestry gives the viewer an idea of our community. With its special geography near the sea, the care for the land, the importance of craftwork and the joy of spending time together.