Glasallt Fawr, Llangadog, Carmarthenshire, Wales

Weaving is an essential part of life at Glasallt Fawr with almost all of our twenty two service users participating. Most of our people have been taught to weave at colleges and schools before they moved to Glasallt and there is a very wide mixture of abilities. For some, the weaving workshop can be a time of focus and concentration, for others it can be a time to socialise with people from different houses and talk about forthcoming events or just general chit chat.
 We have tried to incorporate a range of work by different people to demonstrate the different forms of weaving which they have participated in. The fact that not all sections of our panel are perfect is we hope an accurate reflection that not everyone can approach the weaving process with the same levels of skill or ability to concentrate.Each person shows pride in what they have managed to achieve during their weaving workshops. Our panel attempts to show the diversity of their skills  and the patience, commitment and determination of our staff to help them achieve their full potential.